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Richard Gutierrez

I have lived an active lifestyle as well as been involved in many sports my entire life courtesy of my dad, competitive siblings and relatives. Fitness is the corner stone through which I live my day minute by minute. Most days I’d prefer to ride my bike to work rather than to drive my car because I choose to look at the fitness benefits it has with my personal health and wellness!

5 years ago when I decided to pursue my career in fitness I had a hunger to help anyone who was and is struggling with his or her personal fitness goals and dreams. With that said my clients, who are willing to leave everything on the floor or at least allow me to take everything they brought, constantly surprises me with the fitness goals that we accomplish together.

My goal when training my clients isn’t to use one fitness regimen from client to client. My goals are to listen to your individual fitness goals first. Next I will Asses your personal strengths and then design a fitness regimen and plan custom to your specific fitness and goals. Furthermore, I thoroughly enjoy the process of working with my clients as they achieve new levels of fitness whether its flexibility, strength, power, menu design, muscular or cardiovascular endurance. I believe that our time together is a team achievement however we arrive to your new fitter life!

I look forward to working with you in the near future!