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Phillip “Philly” Gago

I grew up actively involved in sports. From a very early age fitness was and continues to be a huge part of my lifestyle. I have been active in the fitness industry for over 12 years. I fervently believe there is no better investment than in ones self— mind, nutrition and movement.

My training philosophy is to coach every one of my clients towards his or her fitness goals by first establishing realistic, specific and quantifiable goals for your fitness. I constantly evaluate body mechanics to ensure of proper posture, form and exercise efficiency. I am capable of scaling or deconstructing every exercise to fit every client’s fitness level. I have coached and trained clients with fitness needs including injury prevention/rehabilitation, improved sports performance through increased power, speed, endurance and agility, weight loss, and menu design. It is my ultimate mission to give you the tools to help you defy all self-doubt by creating workouts encompassing full bodily movement with a heavy emphasis on core engagement while strengthening your stabilizer muscles effectively creating a fitter, healthier and more mobile you!

My fitness credentials and certifications include CrossFit Level 1, TRX suspension training, Corrective Exercise & Movement, NCCPT Certified Personal Training & CPR/AED Certified.