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Oscar Villela

My name is Oscar Villela, the owner of Fitness Overdose. I began boxing at the age of 14. Thanks to that sport it helped influence me to do more as I got older. I’ve done sports from wrestling, track and field, swim, even cycling. I’ve always thought that exercise was the key to an active and productive life style! I’ve had amazing coaches over the years, and it’s only inspired me to become one myself.

My goal is help people get in shape through boxing and proper body movements. I believe everyone should have the liberty to learn what they want. There is always a way around everything, despite the age or ability.

I’m certified through USA Boxing, Box ‘n Burn Academy. I’m also a qualified TRX Instructor. If you’d like to know more about what I do follow me on Instagram @Oscarrr_yoo, or email me at fitnessoverosetraining@yahoo.com.