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Emily Jordan-Hall

Hello, my name is Emily Jordan-Hall, and I am Certified, Personal Trainer!

I am a self-driven athlete, that loves to help others in their fitness journey and show them that with any obstacle given, you can overcome it and become stronger!

My fitness journey began when I was around the age of 11. I was obese as a child and suffered from eating disorders growing up. I was bullied as a child and didn’t know how to change. Eventually, I joined sports and activities, and this drove me to have an outlet that changed my life. I began to put more focus into becoming the best at whatever sport I joined and found that I loved challenging myself and working with others. I became a trainer shortly after graduating High School and found a passion for being able to work with others, creating programs to challenge them, and also becoming a positive influence. I also have knowledge in the medical field, after obtaining my Medical Assisting Certification. This has helped learn even more about the human anatomy and how nutrition and exercise play such a huge rule incurring diseases and having many health benefits. I am trying to constantly read articles, and learn new methods of training in the fitness field. I believe in functional training, and work with all types of equipment(kettlebells, dumbbells, cables, resistance bands, Olympic lifts, etc.) My goal is to help you succeed in whatever you set out for, whether it is weight loss, fat loss, gaining muscle, or just living a better lifestyle. Support is key and I believe in being more than a trainer, coach, but also a friend.

Words I preach: “Success doesn’t come from what you occasionally do. It comes from what you do consistently.”
Psalm 46:5- “God is within her, she shall not fall.”