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Christina Gutierrez

My name is Christina Gutierrez and I fell in love with health and fitness three years ago. Growing up, I was always an athlete playing any and all sports that intrigued me such as basketball, track, softball and even football with my cousins. Recently, in the past five years I got heavily active in playing soccer in a variety of leagues here in Bakersfield. I play religiously three to four times a week. I started getting into fitness after I had my sons, ages four and seven. Shortly after making the gym my home away from home, I started training clients and competing in bodybuilding shows. I have done two shows in the past year and a half and recently became a nationally qualified bikini competitor in May of 2017. I love the competitiveness of being a bikini competitor and love the changes that your body goes through in just a short amount of time. I love to cook and express very frequently with my clients the importance of nutrition and how food doesn’t need to be boring. I am currently going to school and majoring in kinesiology. My passion and drive to do everything listed above comes from my boys. They are the reasons to why I push myself so hard. They remind me that the only competition is what’s staring back at you in the mirror and nothing else. I hope to inspire anyone and everyone, especially those with children that healthy and positive life changes are possible, but you just simply have to do it.